WISCareers at WSCA

Hello all,

WSCA - Wisconsin School Counselor AssociationIf you are planning on attending the Wisconsin School Counselor Association conference next week in Madison, I would like to invite you to visit my booth! I will be at booth #52 out in the Grand Terrace. As always, I will have valuable prizes along with great information on WISCareers and the new curriculum.

I will also be presenting on the curriculum. My sectional will be on Thursday morning from 9:45am to 10:45am in Ballroom D. It can be found in the program book as sectional #74: Introduction to the New WISCareers Curriculum. Please come and see me!

Here is a link to the sectional PDF:  http://www.wscaweb.org/proxy/files/Conference/2014/2014WSCAConference_Sectionals_Final.pdf

For more information on the WSCA conference, please visit http://www.wscaweb.org/2014Conference#.UvvwDbRQ2vY

See you soon,

Amy Rivera


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