CareerLocker Announces New Plan of Study Module

sampleplanofstudy copyCareerLocker announces the launch of a new module, Plan of Study. Made with 8th graders through high schoolers in mind, this module helps students plan. The purpose of Plan of Study is to help students consider which classes could be of interest to them in high school. Students can select a CareerClusterTM and occupations to create a personalized plan of study based on their interests. If students are unsure what occupations they are interested in, they can create multiple alternative plans of study depending upon what direction their career trajectory could take them. This module is designed to be implemented in conjunction with conversations between students and their parents, teachers, and counselors. State of Wisconsin graduation requirements are highlighted with the caveat that different schools have different requirements and each student situation is unique.

Watch CareerLocker’s short video explaining how to use Plan of Study.

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