Careers Forward
Resources, information, and ideas for career development professionals

Here are some things you will find on the Careers Forward blog:

  • CareerLocker updates, features, and news
  • Helpful hints on how to best use the site with your students or clients
  • Updates and information on occupations and career clusters
  • Career development advice, tools, and information
  • Related professional development opportunities

Who We Are

CareerLocker (formerly WISCareers) has a 30-year history of providing career development products. Our purpose is inherent in our mission statement: To foster lifelong career development, a meaningful work life, and a sound economic future for all. Efforts to encourage this process are fueled by the belief that career development is vital for all students and adults throughout the lifespan.

The CareerLocker (U.S.) and ecareers.sg (Singapore) career information websites provide activities, assessments, information, and tools to assist individuals in their academic and career exploration and planning. The systems are designed to help youth and adults:

  1. become aware of themselves with regard to their interests, skills, and values;
  2. explore how their unique patterns of interests, skills, and values can be applied to the world of work; and
  3. develop the plan and job-seeking skills needed to acquire meaningful employment.



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