CEW Launches New Web Site

The Center on Education and Work has launched a new web site that’s packed with information about career preparation and facilitation.cew

CEW staff pursue a research and service mission that advances knowledge and practice about career and academic planning, workforce development and STEM learning.

Upcoming events include Career Development Facilitator Training and the 17th Annual Summer Institute. Career Development Facilitators  are trained to incorporate career development information and skills in their work with students, adults, clients, employees or the public.

CEW’s 17th Annual Summer Institute, “Enhancing Career Development Competencies,” offers two themed days in mid-July focusing on the field of career preparation.

CEW’s CareerLocker and ecareers.sg websites foster career decision-making and planning by providing users with links to occupational information including salary and job outlook, assessments that help identify possible career matches and job-seeking tools. CareerLocker serves K-12 students and professionals, UW-Madison students and staff, and those who seek employment; ecareers.sg serves students in Singapore.

Visit the CareerLocker Booth at the WSCA Conference Next Week

If you are planning to attend the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Conference (WSCA) next week in Madison, don’t forget to drop by my booth! I will be at booth number 18. Please also remember to check your program bags for a CareerLocker ad, which includes the reasons why you would want to stay with CareerLocker to meet the state’s ACP requirements.

I would also like to take this time to introduce our new partner, Paul Vidas, president of Nvolved Inc. Paul will be doing a WSCA session on GetNvolved, a web tool for volunteering and work-based learning. Schools can use GetNvolved to promote, track, and report on community service and work-based learning. Check it out at http://www.getnvolved.org, it is free for all schools!

WISCareers at WSCA

Hello all,

WSCA - Wisconsin School Counselor AssociationIf you are planning on attending the Wisconsin School Counselor Association conference next week in Madison, I would like to invite you to visit my booth! I will be at booth #52 out in the Grand Terrace. As always, I will have valuable prizes along with great information on WISCareers and the new curriculum.

I will also be presenting on the curriculum. My sectional will be on Thursday morning from 9:45am to 10:45am in Ballroom D. It can be found in the program book as sectional #74: Introduction to the New WISCareers Curriculum. Please come and see me!

Here is a link to the sectional PDF:  http://www.wscaweb.org/proxy/files/Conference/2014/2014WSCAConference_Sectionals_Final.pdf

For more information on the WSCA conference, please visit http://www.wscaweb.org/2014Conference#.UvvwDbRQ2vY

See you soon,

Amy Rivera