Visit the CareerLocker Booth at the WSCA Conference Next Week

If you are planning to attend the Wisconsin School Counselor Association Conference (WSCA) next week in Madison, don’t forget to drop by my booth! I will be at booth number 18. Please also remember to check your program bags for a CareerLocker ad, which includes the reasons why you would want to stay with CareerLocker to meet the state’s ACP requirements.

I would also like to take this time to introduce our new partner, Paul Vidas, president of Nvolved Inc. Paul will be doing a WSCA session on GetNvolved, a web tool for volunteering and work-based learning. Schools can use GetNvolved to promote, track, and report on community service and work-based learning. Check it out at, it is free for all schools!

7 Reasons Why CareerLocker is Still Your Best Choice

You once made a decision that CareerLocker was the best system for your students’ career planning and preparation. That truth has not changed! You still have a choice.

You do NOT have to use Career Cruising for ACP! Per the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) ACP website*, “The state selected ACP software system is an optional choice for districts.  Districts are welcome to contract and pay for any system they desire as long as the elements of quality ACP are included.”

Here are some of the reasons you should stick with CareerLocker through the 2016-2017 school year… and beyond…

1 You’ll have uninterrupted, continual service.

By staying with CareerLocker, you will have ongoing access to the best career information system around – with no gap in service.

The state mandate for ACP services does not begin until the 2017-18 school year!

As of now, there is NO SIGNED CONTRACT with a new vendor and according to DPI:

This next phase of procurement has begun and may take many months before a final contract to provide ACP services is completed.”

2 Only CareerLocker has a quality matching classroom curriculum. The CareerLocker classroom curriculum allows you to use the site to help guide your students through important self and career exploration activities. This curriculum, developed by the West Allis West Milwaukee school district, makes using the site easy for busy classroom teachers. This curriculum meets WSCA and ACP standards.
3 Our system is the only one that provides you with validated assessments. Only CareerLocker offers validated assessments. This is one of the many advantages of staying with a system that was developed through the state’s flagship university.

Students can explore their interests, values, work skills and match them to occupations only on the CareerLocker system.

4 CareerLocker is the only place you get very specific Wisconsin school and job information. Only CareerLocker provides detailed information on Wisconsin postsecondary institutions, as well as detailed occupational salaries and job outlook in Wisconsin. This information is updated regularly and is provided especially for Wisconsin to aid Wisconsin students in their career and academic planning.
5 You still get unsurpassed personalized service.

You won’t be on a waiting list for service or training with CareerLocker. We are always here for you and can provide training to fit your needs and according to your schedule.

You’ve always been a valued customer of CareerLocker. We are still the only career information system that was developed right in your state at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

We will be here when you need us for personalized training at your convenience.

6 You still have access to the popular Learning Styles assessment and the Personal Globe Inventory. The Learning Styles assessment on CareerLocker is the most frequently used assessment on the site. Teachers tell us that it helps their students understand how they best learn—and that leads to more successful academic outcomes. The Personal Globe Inventory is widely used to help students narrow down their career interests and match them to possible occupations.
7 You will get free access to GetNvolved® through a new partnership with CareerLocker.


Through GetNvolved, an online service that helps students find work and volunteer activities, you can increase the academic impact of work-based learning and community service experiences of students.


Still not sure why you should stay with CareerLocker?

 Did you know that CareerLocker (housed at UW-Madison in Wisconsin) is in 594 schools and 226 districts, while Career Cruising (a Canadian company) is in 409 Wisconsin schools and 100 districts? Why? Because CareerLocker is a better system, delivering more of the features like assessments and local Wisconsin information that can help you to best assist Wisconsin students in their career and academic planning. Remember, you get what you pay for!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly. I am happy to work with you in any way I can to help you fulfill the state ACP requirements. I have confidence that CareerLocker is still the best choice you can make in a software system for academic and career exploration and planning.

Thank you in advance for considering CareerLocker as the career information system of your choice.

Amy Rivera

Training Representative


UW-Madison Center on Education & Work


Academic and Career Planning Has Great Potential

students around a computer

You have probably heard about the state initiative that will require an Academic and Career Plan (ACP) for every Wisconsin student in grades 6-12 beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year. Sometimes referred to as Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs), ACPs are intended to empower all students to travel the road to adulthood through education and training to careers in an informed manner.

Keep in mind that the ACP is a process, not a product.  As such, it will will evolve as the student matures to reflect their growing knowledge of themselves, their interests and their goals. The process will involve supportive adult relationships, a personalized approach to career planning and education, and student empowerment.

I believe the ACP is is great news for those of us who are involved in career development and planning! It incorporates many activities that schools and educators are already doing… and I believe it can have a great impact on students, especially those who currently lack direction or motivation.

To date 38 states use some type of ACP or ILP, with  21 of those states mandating them for use with all students.

To help explain the need for ACPs and the ACP process, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has created a web page with news, resources, and communication tools. You can find that information at .

The Future of Learning

Take a look at this glimpse into the future of learning, created by KnowledgeWorks. According to this forecast, learning and education is moving toward more personalization and self-centered learning. It also indicates that educators’ jobs will need to be more diversified and adaptable as learning initiatives and ideas change. These changes point the way toward the school adapting to the student, instead of the student adapting to the school.

KnowledgeWorks Forcast 3.0 - A glimpse into the Future of Learning - In a circle in the center is

As educators and career counselors, what do you think? Can you see this kind of trend emerging in the learning of your students and job-seekers? Do you agree with KnowledgeWorks?

Author: Amy Rivera, M.A., GCDF
Sales and Training Representative
WISCareers & CareerLocker