Resume Maker Returns with Reference List Writer and Plan of Study

Career Locker Update Graphic

To kick off the start of the school year, CareerLocker announces new and updated modules.

Resume Maker has returned with the addition of combination resumes and new samples. Students and clients can export their resume from Resume Maker to Word. This new function allows people to use the ePortfolio and Resume Maker as a jumping off point to tailor their resume to the position they are applying for.

Reference List Writer helps you track the names and contact information of your references. Save this information to the ePortfolio or add in Reference List Writer. Quickly export this information to Word creating the perfect handout, uploadable document, or list to aid in your job search process or when applying to college.

Plan of Study for High Schoolers has been enhanced. The new and improved version offers simplified methods of entering coursework and tracking what courses are completed. At CareerLocker, we always value your feedback and ideas on how to make CareerLocker better. Coming soon, Plan of Study for Adults.

If you have ideas or suggestions for CareerLocker, contact Amy Rivera, your Sales and Training Representative.

Keeping Current with Occupation Information

CareerLocker Update: Salaries & Outlook

School may be almost out, but the latest occupation information is hot off the presses or hot off the hard drive and into the internet! During the spring, two essential updates to occupation information were made available. These updates are from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) and the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). Here is a summary of what has been updated.

  • The most recent wage and salary information from BLS has been integrated into CareerLocker. New information is now available for metropolitan statistical areas (larger cities), states, and the nation.
  • A feature, only available on CareerLocker, uses data from WTCS on their graduation placement rates. Over 66%, almost 17,000 of their graduating students, responded to this survey. This data highlights the number of WTCS graduates in the labor force. A more detailed report on the survey is available on the WTCS website.
  • To explore how the data has been refreshed, check out the improved website. For an example of the updated wage and outlook data, view plumbers via the side navigation under outlook and salary.