The Future of Learning

Take a look at this glimpse into the future of learning, created by KnowledgeWorks. According to this forecast, learning and education is moving toward more personalization and self-centered learning. It also indicates that educators’ jobs will need to be more diversified and adaptable as learning initiatives and ideas change. These changes point the way toward the school adapting to the student, instead of the student adapting to the school.

KnowledgeWorks Forcast 3.0 - A glimpse into the Future of Learning - In a circle in the center is

As educators and career counselors, what do you think? Can you see this kind of trend emerging in the learning of your students and job-seekers? Do you agree with KnowledgeWorks?

Author: Amy Rivera, M.A., GCDF
Sales and Training Representative
WISCareers & CareerLocker