Continues to Prosper in Singapore continues to flourish in Singapore! While the relationship between CEW and Singapore’s Ministry of Education continues to blossom, CEW would like to announce that we have just entered our sixth year of contract with Singapore’s Ministry of Education providing a country-wide award winning career information system for all K-12 level students in Singapore. Renewal of the contract includes updates to the website and adding of new features.

As a continuous positive aid in career development, has provided amazing results. All K-12 students in Singapore are able to explore the various career possibilities and educational pathways available to them with the click of a mouse. This is being made possible through the interactive web-based Education and Career Guidance portal ( for Primary Schools, which was officially launched back in February 2010. logo

The portal is comprehensive and developmental in nature and has been received with great reviews by students and educators. lt serves students from primary to Junior College/Centralized Institute in Singapore, compared to K-12 levels in the U.S. Developed jointly by the Ministry of Education and the Centre of Education and Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison, eCareers has been used extensively as a rich resource for students, parents, teachers and school counselors. Emphasis is placed on career exploration and planning and career profiling tools are also available to help students gauge their interests and aptitudes. The purpose is to provide a systematic way for these students to make an informed choice of relevant courses to realize their dreams.

eCareers is the Ministry of Education’s first interactive web-based Education and Career Guidance (ECG) portal for students, and it has been a welcomed and fantastic aid for teachers and counselors who currently guide their students.